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Isle of Man Beaches

The Isle of Man is a self-governing state with its own parliament, laws, and customs. 

The island is just 33 miles long and 13 miles wide, yet it has nearly 100 kilometres of coastline, several spectacular beaches, and a diverse range of ecosystems and topography.

The ancient parliament’s legislative buildings are in Douglas, which is on the bay’s border and has a beautiful crescent-shaped beach.

A broad esplanade runs almost the length of the beachfront, with a sandy beach that is popular with families and home to a busy yacht club.

The Raad ny Foillan (Road of the Gull) is a long-distance footpath that runs all the way around the Manx coast, starting at Ballagarey and finishing at Port St Mary.

It visits the shingle beaches in the north, cliffs above the sloc (stacks) in the west, and Scarlett Beach near Castletown in the south.

The fishing village of Castletown, located just north of Ronaldsway airport, has near-perfect windsurfing conditions.

Other beautiful sandy beaches may be found nearby and significantly photographed Port Erin, a quiet seaside town that since Victorian times has served as a tourist destination.

Excursions to the Calf of Man, a tiny island with a dwindling Shearwater population, leave from Port Erin’s minor harbour.

Peel, on the western coast, was once the island’s main fishing port and is still its only metropolis.

Peel has two sheltered beaches: Fenella, which is overlooked by the magnificent Peel Castle, and Bannister Beach. 

One of Isle of Man’s most beautiful stretches of coast is between Peel and Port Erin, with panoramic views of the Calf of Man and Irish mountains.

Check Out The Local Dog Friendly Beaches

Isle of Man has quite a few dog-friendly beaches. Just remember to follow the rules and notices you see when you get to the beach.